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Brooklyn Bridge Park does not need highrise construction on pier 6 to fully fund its maintenance and operations

Dear Board Members:

We are pleased to enclose for your review and consideration three new reports that bear on the question of whether any new residential development is needed on Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park (“Park”). Two of the enclosed reports address the Park’s financial circumstances, and one discusses the technical and economic aspects of the new “preventative” maintenance plan recently announced by the management of Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation (“BBPC”). As you will see, the enclosed reports raise serious questions about the reasonableness of BBPC’s financial model and the appropriateness of its newly-proposed maintenance program. Taken together, these reports cast significant doubt on whether any development at Pier 6 is necessary for BBPC to achieve its financial objectives…

Link to all reports

Hello Everyone! Happy November!

We have an update!

PFGSF handed out to Bukh Law Firm this Open Letter at the CAC last night. The Park Corp paid consultant Barbara Denham to review its model and then testified to Empire State Development using her report as a seal of approval. BUT, Ms. Denham used the wrong tax numbers (verifiably off by 50%+), and the comparable properties that she used are not “high-end residential buildings” as she claimed… unless she thinks 25 Joralemon street is a high-end building. This tiny building has a DOF market value of $1.5 million and was built in 1907.

This letter to the BBPC board provides the data and asks the Park Corp to redact the Denham report and revise its public testimony accordingly. It is just not right for the “fact-checker” to make such blatant errors. This is readily-available info that is supposed to be the basis of her work. This episode also demonstrates how important it is for Park Corp to publicly release its financial model and the other information given to Ms. Denham.

Transparency needed! Share your letter! Write Governor Cuomo! 

Have a beautiful fall playing outdoors in Brooklyn Bridge Park!




Hello!!! Are you here to email the Govvy?!! Hooray! 

[will] Andrew Cuomo for [be our] Park Savior … ?!?XO?@?I!

Some sample email messages!!! 

Sample message #1: “Governor Cuomo: Build no more housing in Brooklyn Bridge Park. New York State has long promised to build no more housing than is necessary to fund the park. Please honor this promise, and stand up for parks and the millions of park visitors.”

Sample message #2: “Governor Cuomo: Public parks matter. Please stop the towers planned in Brooklyn Bridge Park. We need more green space given the development boom in the area. These condos don’t belong at the entrance of a great park, nor in a flood zone, especially when there will be no school seats for miles.” 

Write here!!! https://www.governor.ny.gov/contact 

Much love and admiration to all,
XO Lori

Please tell our Governor why you are writing? 

My muse, because
* I heart BBP and playing with kids in BBP
* I dream of hugging trees in BBP 
* I dream of trees and shade at Pier 6 
* Let’s not turn Pier 6 into a concrete jungle and future site of the next King Kong remake!  
* We, the people, love public space in Brooklyn 
* We are going confidently in the direction of our PARK DREAMS! 
* Keep Calm, and Tree Plant On 
* Build It and They are COMING!
* ‪Let this be the beginning of funding for #‎ParkEquity‬ 
* Here comes the story of a hurricane (flood zone and first responders are already needed elsewhere in this city)
* For the millions of current and future park visitors 
* Show us the money! [Park Corp books]! 
* Because I love data and I can do the math and “nothing has changed since your 10-year-old master plan” doesn’t add up
* For cities as places to live, work, eat and play and enjoy mental and physical health 
* No sleep till trees in Brooklyn!
* Because a grand park entrance should, “Have you at hello.” 

* I support health-in-all-policies! and urban planning! 


May 1, 2015 NYC Comptroller Scott M. Stringer's Letter to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation


January 24, 2015, Community Townhall Presentation


Our feedback on the architectural designs for Pier 6


Letters from our elected representatives, October 6, 2014

“…. But that speaks to a deeper incoherence suffered by the proposal before you. Is this General Project Plan’s goal to build open space? Or to achieve other goals?”

“…Government at all levels is faced with difficult choices as it allocates scarce resources. Among all of these important needs, parks almost never come out on top. The tone of this debate is a stark reminder of that. It’s too bad.”


“Dear Mr. Cohen (as Chair of the BBPDC):

The People for Green Space Foundation Inc. is writing to share its critique of the latest financial projections from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation (BBPC). The BBPC’s own numbers imply that the park is breakeven over fifty years, and imply over one billion dollars in cash payments to the city over the life of the project.

Once adjusted for the “conservatism” in the park analysis, we believe that it is likely that the city will receive more than $10 billion dollars in proceeds from the sale of parkland in a flood zone. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation has a long-standing commitment to minimize development in this park and has made a public promise to reduce development if market conditions allow. Financial analysis is essential to environmental analysis for this park given its unique structure.

Please use above link to letter PDF.

June 11, 2015 PFGSF Letter to BBPC Board

...We thought it would be helpful to explain to you and the public at large a few key features of the settlement path to which we agreed and the larger context in which this settlement has taken place, in which increasingly senior leaders are becoming more involved…”


“The agreement reached today and its related side letter lay out the public process for the Park Corporation to seek state approval to change the original vision for the park as embodied in the General Project Plan and related documents and to justify the loss of park space forever at Pier 6…”

Link to Settlement Agreement

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People For Green Space Foundation, Inc. PO Box 22537 271 Cadman Plaza East Ste 1 Brooklyn, NY 11201